Monday, March 9, 2015

Animation Update #8(9): No Man's Land

We had our third team meeting this last weekend, things are still happening.  I skipped last week’s update because there wasn’t really anything cool to talk about, but again, work isn’t always that glamourous.  

This is the team, meeting at my apartment.  Exciting, right?

In addition to the storyboards, we are pushing this month to work on getting No Man’s Land relatively designed.  For that purpose, I spent this morning laying out som quick pre-vis 3D renders in Vue.  I LOVE Vue, you can get a full version for free, and all it does is watermark, which doesn’t matter at all for the stuff I use it for.
With a little setup, I can push out dozens of these renders a day, and they take the place of thumbnails for idea generation.