Thursday, September 24, 2009

re-imagining Bierstadt

For my Creative Processes class, I have to take an existing painting by an artist I admire and recreate it "with elements of my own life". I decided to use Bierstadt's, "The Domes of Yosemite", and for the elements of my life, I'm going to show my artistic progression, from photography to 3D to painting in Photoshop to finally drawing in pencil (yes, I'm moving backwards, sue me!)

Here's the first draft, minus the photoshop painting, which I will try to do Saturday and Sunday. The final piece is due at the printer @ 2:00pm on Monday, where I will make a 2'x3' print on photo matte paper.

1 comment:

  1. Neat concept. Looking at the picture you've posted it reminds me of a smoother version of when movies do the "surreal" thing. Like a lot of the Beatles styled transition art....hmmm....I may not be explaining myself well....Hmmmm....Looks neat. :)