Monday, January 12, 2015

Animation Update #1: Welcome to our project.

I've always loved animation.  I tell people without exaggeration that the movie "Akira" changed my life.  I literally mostly dream in cartoon.  It should surprise no one that I moved into the industry I have.

....But....As much as I love working in studios on shows, it wasn't scratching an itch - the desire to tell my own story.  In December, I watched "Poet Anderson - Dream Walker", which was the animated short that won at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival.)  I was blown away by how good it looked - even more so when I did some research and learned it was basically made by a group of friends with no major studio experience.  I took a long, hard look at myself.

What was my excuse?

I've been saying, "One day I'm going to..." for years.

My friends, that day is now.

I connected with some people I know in Vancouver and around the world, and together, we're in the process of creating a 2D animated short.  It's going to be loosely based on WWI, but with magic, airships, crazy assassins and all the other good stuff we love to draw and create.  Right now, we're thinking "Miyazaki meets the Gorillaz" when people ask us what it's going to look like.

In the last couple of weeks, we have written our initial breakdown of the story, and we've started doing the design work we're going to need.

I'm going to try to post once a week with updates, letting you all know how the project is doing.  I have no experience in these sorts of things, this isn't going to be a "how-to" written by an expert.  I'm hoping I can shed a light on how regular, every day artists solve the problems they encounter while working their way to something cool.

Right now, the project doesn't even have a name....but a lot of babies don't get names for a LONG time after their conceived.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy following along, and tell your friends to do the same :)  This thing is going to be sweet!  Next week I'm hoping to talk a bit about who is working with me, and maybe share some more of our ideas.

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