Monday, February 23, 2015

Animation Update #7: What does this stuff look like anyway?

Another productive week, this time focusing on what we want the technology to look like.  We know that the film will be vaguely “World War I” levels of technology, but with magic, so really, the sky is the limit.  By saying WWI, we’re trying to give it a design language that will be familiar to viewers, but when you get down to details, that could be anything from horse-drawn wagons to tanks, or blimps to airplanes.

There’s an airship of some sort in the movie, and Robin and I spent some time this week trying to nail down exactly what that means.  Initially, we were thinking some sort of dirigible, but now we are leaning to a more fantastic, huge bi-plane - less realistic to the era, but more fun to put into a cartoon with flying assassins and giant golems.
With the airship designed, the other technological elements become easier, as they will be variations or reactions to things that have already been decided on.

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