Friday, January 11, 2013

Artist statement

Here's my artist statement for my Senior Studio class.  It's a fine-artsy way of saying I want to work in vis-dev for cartoons.

My art deals with inspiring stories in other people.  Rather than directly feeding narratives to my audience, I use visual imagery to help others engage directly with the subject matter and to create their own content that builds on top of what I have shown.

I prefer to show “moment in time” illustrations that beg the questions either “What just happened?” or “What is about to happen?”  In this way people are drawn into my worlds, and given the liberty to take ownership of these imaginary places and make them their own.

I take a cinematic approach to this, although not necessarily a realistic one.  In many ways, cartoons and idealized views of a world create an easier path of entry than realistic or  more fully realized visuals.

Whether the world is happy, scary, bleak or utopic, I want to tap into the inner child of the viewer, engaging their imaginations and introducing them to entirely new playgrounds within their minds.

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