Monday, January 7, 2013

ok, another text post

Maybe I'll expand this from just my art posts to where I talk about my experiences as a student. I figure I'll start with something I've seen a lot of lately:

"My school wasn't tailored for the industry I want to get into."

Between IlluxCon, CTN-Expo and various Facebook posts, I've heard this a lot lately. I'm not picking on anyone, I get the frustration, I feel like my school has the exact same problem....BUT:

Your education is your responsibility. You can't blame your school when you don't know something. That's like blaming your driving instructor because you drive badly.

If you know you have a weakness, you know enough to fix it. Pros don't care why you don't know something, they just care that you get better.

If you want to work in the video game industry, it's UP TO YOU to learn what a AAA Title is, and what the roles of a concept artist/3d artist are. If you find that you need to learn 3D, go to the bookstore and pick up a book. Maya is FREE for students, you have no excuse.

If you want to work in cartoons, do the same thing. Figure out what studios want what skills. Find your weaknesses and fix them, don't blame someone else. The world doesn't need your excuses.

Google is your friend. Blogs are your friend. Go do some research, don't wait until you are a senior/recent graduate and then cry "Poor Me" because you don't feel like your school gave you what you needed. That may be true, but it just means you were an idiot for not getting it yourself or changing schools.

Only you are responsible for making you an employable artist.

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