Friday, January 31, 2014

Artist Series - Day 31: Alex Alice

I love it when something like this happens:  I was in RX Comics yesterday and I saw the cover for Alex Alice's "Siegfried II: The Valkyrie" on the front counter.  I think I've seen this when I was in Belgium  last year, but this is the English version, and I picked it up to check it out.


I love this stuff.  I tend to like the style to French comics in general, and this one is beautiful, and the 2nd half of the book is concept art and paintings!  I've been devouring it and sharing with my friends ever since.

This first picture won Gold in Spectrum last year in the comics category:

...and that's the first month of my year-long artist series!  If you are enjoying it, please share and help me reach more people :)

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