Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, Starting my artists posts.

Two weeks ago, I mentioned I was thinking of starting an "artist a day" series.  I'm starting.  It may move to tumblr or a specialized blog, but for now, I'm still on vacation and using a computer that was new before most of my friends finished high school, so we're keeping it simple.

Eric Velhagen:

I met Eric at IlluxCon two years ago, and to this day, I have had few crits, if any, that I gained as much from as talking to him for 20 minutes. 

Please, do yourself a favor and check out his entire site.  If you ever get a chance to speak with him in person, do so, show him your work, and I think you'll come away wiser...actually, you'll probably come away realizing you were always wiser, which is the true mark of a great teacher.

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