Monday, February 2, 2015

Animation Update #4: Been gone all week, and here's the team.

I didn’t get much done myself this week, although the rest of the team has been busy making designs for characters and vehicles, and creating storyboards.  I’ve been in Austin, TX at Schoolism Live, listening to David Levy and Nathan Fowkes talk about designing worlds…and you can be damn sure I was taking notes for this project.

Figured I’d take this time to introduce the team as it stands right now. 

Seth Rutledge (me!):  Writer/Director
I will be doing designs and BG Layout as well, but my primary duty is to keep everything on track.

Robin Carpenter: Art Director/Production Designer
For the success of the project, I really wanted to have someone like Robin to make sure I didn’t get tunnel vision.  Robin recently finished art directing the video game “Citizens of Earth”, and he is a fantastic artist as well as one of my closest friends….he’s also not afraid to argue with me when he disagrees, which is critical to this sort of project.

Sinan Demirer:  Head of Story
Sinan is the guy in charge of the storyboards.  Even though I wrote the project, the timing and details all come from the boards.

Svend Gregori:  Lead Animator
Svend’s time hasn’t come yet, but we worked together at Atomic Cartoons, and I’m excited to get his help when we have some finished designs and boards.

Pakorn has been working on characters and vehicles so far.

Devin has been exploring characters and environments.

Mariya Olshevska:  Design
Mariya is a master of patterns, textures and graceful shapes.  I have a feeling much of the airship interior will be her.

Other people have agreed to help as we move forward, and I will certainly show you their stuff as we get there!

Thanks again for following along on our journey :)

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